This weekend (8-9 April 2018) at Tate Modern, a small group within Tate take over part of the Blavatnik building for “Inside Job”, an exhibition of artworks from 135 internal staff and volunteers.

Tate staff pull an “Inside Job” at Tate Modern

The “Inside Job” project open from 8-9 April 2018 is the first time that staff and volunteers from Tate come together for a group show in a Tate site, in Tate Modern’s newest space, the Blavatnik building. (In case you aren’t one of the million-plus that’s been to visit the gin bar for a view of London centred above St Paul’s Cathedral, this is the ten-storey tower on the south side of the premises).

For this one-off “pop-up” exhibition, “Inside Job” will be taking over Level 6 of the Blavatnik building with the work of 135 team members from all four Tate sites, who, when they’re not making cappuccinos, selling art books, installing exhibitions, and helping visitors enjoy the art on display, many are also working a creative practice outside of their “day job”. Expect to see a bit of everything this weekend, from the more traditional (painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking) to new media (video, installation) and the more ephemeral (sound, performance). Both days, several of the artists will be on hand for 10-minute talks about their work, the exhibition, or just to be a friendly face.

Speaking of friendly, among the numerous roles at Tate, one will find a good number of volunteer hosts and guides who are often the first Tate face visitors see. There are two types of volunteers: guides offer themed tours on particular artworks or artists; visitor hosts (wearing the bright “Ask Me” bags and usually poised near entrances) are there to make you feel welcome, help you find your way, or even just engage in a little arty chat.

Volunteering is not just for nothin’

Getting to point of this story (and full disclosure), I’m one of Tate’s many volunteer visitor hosts. Not only do I love helping visitors enjoy all that Tate has to offer, it’s also how I came to be exhibiting my own artwork at Tate Modern this weekend, sharing the same air with greats such as Matisse, Joan Jonas, and Picasso. Here’s a sneak peek of my work “Prayer for Rain”, which recently exhibited as one of the nine “Stations of Water” at St Paul’s Cathedral, London:

Kelise Franclemont, ‘Prayer for Rain’, 2017, hologram, copper, and sound, in ‘Stations of Water’ at St Paul’s Cathedral, London. Image credit Caitlin Mavroleon.

To experience all this art in one place, make a plan to stop by and see what we creatives get up to when we’re not wearing Tate badges but make it quick because “Inside Job” won’t be up for long.

“Inside Job” is recommended for: fans of contemporary art, tourists, families, and art lovers of all kinds.

Participating artists in “Inside Job” at Tate Modern

Izna Bandey, Hayley Ash, Fred Postles, Corey Samuel, Christina Mitrentse, Charlie Barlow, Aphra Lupita, Anna Reading, Andrew Page, Zoe Hunt, Zerrin Asir, Sayra Begum, Rita Szabados, Patricia Pisanelli, Ocean Farini, Michelangelo Arteaga, Kelise Franclemont, Kaveh Ossia, Johnny Gordon, Jane Brannigan, Victoria Karlsson, Tom Allen, Sarah Crowe, Ellinna Horton, Cath von Isenburg, Thomas Douglas, Shino Saegusa, Mandy Niewohner, Grayna Siedlecka, Chris Timms, Agnese Saggia, Yuichiro Kikuma, Willkay, Wendy Williams, Thomas Grantham, Tara Wellesley, Stephanie Biddle, Shireen Qureshi, Sebastian Wakowicz, Sarah Carne, Rose Carroll, Raksha Patel, Pierre Julien, Peter Turner, Paula Hillis, Omar Castaneda, Olivia Milani, Myrddin Wooding, Michael Bolton, Max Reeves, Matt Siwerski, Lloyd Ellis, Lewis Jones, Klarita Pandolfi, Kenneth Price, Katarzyna Rakowska, Jumpei Kinoshita, John Holland, Jono Ganz, Joe Richardson, Joao Trindade, Joanna Weller, Jennifer Vacher, Jackie Kerr, Isabel Pina Ferreira, Isaac Willis, Imogen Frost, Hwa seon Yang, Harry Pye and Gordon Beswick, Gerry King, Gerald McAree, Ed Hadfield, Charlotte Lee, Caitlin Parks, Arturo Saudella, Anna Titov, Anke Sievers, Andrew Wyatt, Andrea Tierney, Alice Ellis-Bray, Alex Harding, Alex Day, Akiko Takizawa, Aiden Moore, Abigail Stokes, Abita Aldridge, Demelza Watts, Cyrus Shroff, Chris Browne, Chris Else, Sarah Wood, Rose Williams, Patrick Michalopoulos, Lloyd Durling, Huguette de Chassiron, Clair Cartwright, Chloe Louise Lawrence, Adam Wozniak, Steve Lockett, Seraphina Neville, Ruth Morrissey, Richard Mittens, Miriam Luehrs, Jade Bowmer, Heena Patel, Chris Daniels, Chigdem Karadogan, Sarah Powell, Joka van Wijk, Carolyn Lucas, Caroline Willoughby-Foster, Ted Brunning, Raisa Bosich, Elizabeth Cufley, Liadain Evans, Kyriaki Mitsou, Jorge Migoya Dago, Andrew Locke

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Exhibition details:Inside Job” is on 7-8 April 2018 at Tate Modern, Level 6 Blavatnik Building, Bankside, SE1 9TG. Step-free access; free entrance.


Saturday 7 April 2018     10:00 – 22:00

Sunday 8 April 2018       10:00 – 18:00