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London, view from Southbank near Shakespeare's Globe. Photo credit Kelise Franclemont.
London, view from Southbank near Shakespeare’s Globe. Photo credit Kelise Franclemont.

I love art and London is the best city I know to immerse myself in it, from pre-historic to contemporary and anything in the middle.

Since 2011, has published around 200 stories about art, weird stuff, and other creative expression that’s sometimes hard to find, mostly in and around London – though I get out of town sometimes, too. What started as a means to practice writing about art, has grown every year by 30-50%, and by now, posts on this blog have been viewed over 50,000 times (and counting).

Visitors are stopping by from all over the world to check out London’s art scene, which is pretty exciting, because that means I might have played even a small part in helping to put London’s emerging or lesser-known artists on the map, as well as highlight more established artists, too. And it also means that there are thousands of people other than my mum reading my blog. Which is also pretty cool. Thanks mum! Thanks world!

But aside from the well-known art havens we all know and love, I started this blog to give me a good reason get out and about in London and see art other than in the Tate Twins… as if I needed a reason; there are hundreds of creative places to discover, from art schools/academies to galleries to charitable organisations, not to mention the 10s of thousands of artists living and working in London…

In a word, my aim here is share stories and the creative work of others.

OK it’s a dozen words with the key word being “share” and also, the weirder the art or more out-of-the-way place the better… oh, and I would prefer it to be free if not for myself then for the art-loving public… I’m not asking for too much?

Of course, often the best way to learn is to teach others, so from time to time, I will also take a break from writing about art I’ve seen in order to share my experience gained from art I’ve made – which could include anything from new ways of doing things, research findings, to pearls of wisdom picked up along the way. (On that note, I also promise to avoid the “arty-babble” because this blog is not about trying to impress you that I once read a book full of big words…)

Finally, I didn’t want to leave this note without thanks to all of you artists, gallerists, directors, curators, and educators, who’ve given me the opportunity to learn from you by writing about your work.

Thank YOU for giving me something worth writing about.

with peace and love

xx Kelise

p.s. Check out this link for a nifty Google Map of all the arty places I’ve written about on

And for more information about my own art practice, please visit:

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