Art Radar, an online arts magazine, offers a Diploma in Arts Journalism several times a year.

This summer, I engaged in an arts writing course with the objectives to improve my writing generally and also more specifically, to gain some experience writing for a “real” magazine or journal. What I got out of it was so much more!

The Course

The basic structure of the course is to learn from 6 modules (complete with exercises and/or a quiz at the end) while under supervision of the editor, writing up to 5 articles (or posts) that will be published on Art Radar’s online journal.

Click here to learn more about Art Radar’s “Diploma in Art Journalism”.

Click the link to read the five articles that I wrote and published for Art Radar.

More than what I expected

In a nutshell, here’s what I expected to get out of the course:

  • I learned more about writing for an arts magazine, and more specifically, writing for an online arts magazine
  • I wrote and published five articles

And here’s the “so much more” that I got out of this course:

  • I improved research skills, generally as well as specifically suited to journalistic writing
  • I built my network: I met and made connections with artists, art writers, art scholars and gallery directors, as well as fellow art lovers.
  • I even got to interview a gallery director in London for one of the articles that I wrote.
  • The articles the I wrote in some fashion or another aided my research into my own art practice, sometimes in very unexpected ways (e.g., I had never looked at Sri Lankan art and it turns out, the art practice of Sri Lankan artists has some parallels to the work of Palestinian artists, in that they both have or have had to work under quite severe restrictions brought on by military conflict).
  • I enjoyed writing!

The next steps

From now on, I will endeavour to update and improve with the knowledge I’ve gained from this experience with Art Radar. Who knows, perhaps I may write on a more professional basis sometime in the future!